Jaipur hospital saves two heart patients with new technology

Author: ET Healthworld l January 11, 2020 l Image Source: Shutterstock
Doctors at private hospital here saved the life of a heart failure patient by connecting the pacemaker’s wire to the heart wire. At the same time, in another case, without performing open heart surgery, they succeeded in changing two valves simultaneously.

Dr Samin K Sharma, cardiologist and chairman of Eternal Hospital, claimed on Friday that both of these cases happened in the country for the first time. He told that it is unique in itself to connect the fourth wire directly to the heart wire when the other three wires of the pacemaker do not work properly. This helps in normalising the heartbeat by making equal current reach to all parts of the heart. Dr Jitendra Singh Makkar and Dr Kush Kumar Bhagat performed the surgery. While in the another case, Dr Ravindra Singh Rao replaced two valves of a patient’s heart simultaneously without open surgery. Aortic and mitral valves have been replaced by trans-catheter valve replacement technology. Dr Samin said that it is the hospital’s endeavour that modern techniques being adopted in the US should be made available to the common patients in Jaipur too.

Shakuntala Devi, 67, of Bharatpur had been suffering for a long time and her heart’s performance was reduced to 15 to 20%. The three wires of the pacemaker did not work, so to save her life, by adopting HOT-CRT technology, the fourth wire was connected to the heart’s main wire.

Sarita, 78, from Nagpur, had complaints of breathing and chest pain. Her two valves were not working. Open heart surgery was conducted on her to replace a valve in 2012, but now two valves were damaged. Performing open surgery again could prove dangerous due to the patient’s age and earlier operation. So, she was treated using the trans-catheter aortic valve replacement technique.